What is a phone system in the cloud?

Watch our short video to see how the leader in cloud communications creates and innovative business phone system.

All-inclusive pricing

RingCentral delivers the high quality, reliability, and value expected by enterprise businesses with RingCentral Office—a cloud business phone system with all-inclusive features including voice, audio conferencing, and fax. Plans & Pricing

Benefits of a cloud phone system

End management complexity.

Eliminate on-premise systems and easily manage all office locations. Make it simple to connect and scale your business and support distributed workforces.

 Free yourself from being tied to the office

The wires of the old days are gone, so you're never tied to a single location, device, or your desk. Your cloud phone system follows you wherever you go, so you never miss a call.

Increase business productivity.

Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency, enabling the shift of resources to more strategic initiatives. The platform is hosted in the cloud so you don't have to deal with outdated hardware and paying service technicians. You can work with unparalleled freedom, flexibility and efficiency, and save considerable amounts of money!

Enable BYOD and mobile.

Enable BYOD for business communications via a mobile app, and provide freedom and flexibility for your increasingly mobile workforces.

Communications designed for today’s business demands

Transcend all boundaries

All of your locations, users, and devices are connected to one cloud-based phone system. You can even transfer your existing number for free. 

Always be connected

Directories and extensions ensure your callers always reach the right person, and calls can intelligently follow you anywhere you go. 

Increase team efficiency

Calls to a department can be answered by team members anywhere. You can see your colleagues’ availability for smart call routing. 

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