CTMAIL.UK email accounts 

Do you need an email address but do not want to use Gmail or Microsoft Live email domains, CloudTree Mail gives you a 2GB mailbox using our @ctmail.uk address. You can choose anything you like (as long as its available) to go before the @ sign. 

Just £1 per mailbox per month* this cost effective mailbox is perfect for separating your business email from your personal.


All mailboxes can be accessed via IMAP on all modern devices, including Windows 7 & 10, Mac OS (current release -1), iPhones, Tablets, iPads, etc.

You can also use our webmail platform to access the full features whilst on the move. Just log in via any device with a browser and internet access. Perfect for when you are travelling without your laptop or tablet.

To order simply Click Here, to place your order. We will confirm the email you requested is available and then send you full details on how to user your new email address immediately.

*Price exclude VAT and is charged annually in advance.