CT-PREVENT is a remote monitoring and management platform that works in the background to ensure your PC is kept up to date with all the latest security patches, but much more than this we proactively monitor over 100 aspects of your computer to ensure it is always running in tip top fashion.

From one off SOS break-fix sessions to a fully managed services we are here to get your technology working for you.

SOS PAYG Support

Just need us to help you resolve a problem right now without any contracts or ongoing fees. Our Pay-As-You-Go service provides one time problem resolution.

Managed IT Support

Let us handle the techy stuff, we are here to help you with your IT management. Simple monthly contract to support all your technology..

Suite of Protection

Suite of products to keep your IT safe and running. From Antivirus and Malware protection, to full off site data backups in the cloud.

Protect your IT = Protect your business!


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of the total emails sent in Dec 2020, thats over 140 Billion Spam emails every day!


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Financial loss

Companies who experienced a financal loss after failing victim to scam emails


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Infected Devices

Percentage of devices with no protection that are infected with malware


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collapsed businesses

Small businesses who collapse after suffering significant data loss

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Don't let your computer behave badly

Let our managed IT service keep your computer in check and working for you and your business

CloudTree Managed IT Support services not only provide on demand remote support but we proactively manage your machines. Ensuring patches are applied, disks are cleared of unnessacary clutter and proactively fixes issues before they even become an issue for the user.


SOS support

No Contract remote support for one off issues
£ 1
per min
  • Get support immediately for your issue
  • No Contracts or ongoing costs
  • Simple per min PAYG pricing
No Contract


Monthly contract proactive device management
£ 15
per device/month
  • Automatic Security patch updates
  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Monthly IT health reports
  • Regular Device Cleanups
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