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CloudTree bases it business growth on customer recommendations and word-of-mouth.

It’s core to our business to make our customers happy as best we can.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about CloudTree

A cut above the rest!

Your competition might grudgingly consider you first amongst equals but in my eyes you are certainly a cut above the rest.
The entire process was smooth and hassle free, just what one expects from any service provider. From the minute BTA introduced Privity to CloudTree till this afternoon I have nothing but praise for the utmost level of professionalism you have displayed. Wishing you all the future success in the world, this customer is here to stay.

Sleem Hasan

Superb service

I have many dealings over the years with technical and hosting services.
This is by FAR the best. Excellent customer service. Excellent technical ability and always so friendly.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful company to everyone.

michaela chandler

Excellent Service!…from Terry Bowers and followed up to resolution of a small but ongoing issue by Andrew at CloudTree

There has been an ongoing issue with my email system for the past two weeks, with auto-messages telling me that I have been “timed out”.
Terry/Andrew found out, after some considerable investigation, that a Microsoft mail system on my laptop was compromising my personal email account.
Both Terry & Andrew took over my laptop remotely and between them identified this hidden problem and resolved the issue after extensive groundwork.
They both deserve to be commended for their outstanding customer service, patience and dedication in helping me.
Thank you both!

Anthony Felstead

Excellent Service!

I have now been with CloudTree for a number of months and their professionalism and attention to my requirements has been second to none! I am so pleased to
have Terry and team to look after my technology aspects – a real weight off my mind and excellent service!

Ronnie Johnson
Managing Director
Star Uk Travel Ltd

Ronnie Johnson

Excellent service migrating four sensitive sites.

I have the highest praise for the service I received from Andrew and his colleagues. The process of migrating four complex hostings from Timico, all of which required minimum outage, was handled with total efficiency and the help given during the process was outstanding in every way. Thank you so much for making the migration process so efficient and straight-forward. With many thanks.

John Crabtree
Careers Systems

Seamless Migration

I have migrated my domain Name e-mail this week, during which I’ve had the most reassuring and helpful support from Terry and Andrew. Despite my limited technical know-how, they each spent valuable time so patiently, and clearly talking me through the process, in ‘non-techie’ language and not rushing me. Many thanks! such a pleasure!

Miss Elizabeth J M Howell
Miss Elizabeth Howell

CloudTree Support for Migration of Domain and Email Hosting

We were recently informed that our domain names and associated email accounts would have to be migrated to CloudTree. Due to our other commitments we had to ask CloudTree to achieve this at short notice.

CloudTree swiftly provided us with detailed instructions on how to carry out the process both for computer and for iPhone.

Furthermore, at our request they greatly facilitated the process by taking computer access and guiding us through it by phone.
The transfer process takes some time and we had several conversations with Andrew Brown, plus one with his colleague Terry. They were both very helpful, understanding and patient. We did not know of CloudTree before we had to make the change and have been very impressed with the service we have been given. We are confident that we are with the right company to handle our domains and emails.

Keith McDonald
Creaction Limited

You were fast and extremely

You were fast and extremely patient – thank you.

Lucian Eyers


We have just completed our Migration to CloudTree and I am so impressed by the ease and speed with which it was done and the professionalism shown.
We had amazing personal support from Cloudtree and I’m just delighted we chose them to service our website/ email hosting etc. They are prompt in dealing with any queries and so knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending them.

Karen McKimmie


I had a very successful migration of my account and everything worked well on my computer and phone, except for sending from the phone. Your team sorted out what I had done wrong within about 3 minutes! Thank you and particularly Andrew for your brilliant helpdesk service!

Tess Townsend

Superb Service

Andrew, from CloudTree, has just finished a marathon telephone session with me to provide step-by-step guidance on my migration from Timico.
He was,at all times, patient (beyond belief) in guiding me through the set-up process, so that my wife and I can remain connected and receiving emails.
It is service like this that makes both the employee and the company they represent stand out in today’s IT marketplace. I shall recommend CloudTree to all.
Thankyou Andrew…and CloudTree
kind regards

Anthony Felstead

Excellent service from Cloud Tree

Having recently set up new emails and migrated a web site I can recommend the excellent service provided by Cloud Tree. They always answer the phone promptly and have your details to hand. All my technical queries were addressed and so far have proved very reliable, top job all round.

Kevin Sheath
Paragon Training

Collaborative and cooperative support overcomes security problem

Since my forced re-patriation of my hosting from Timico I have had superlative support from the team at CloudTree.
I was, however experiencing an error accessing back-end database tables that gave me a 404 error and ultimately a blocking of my domain. These interim, blocks were released quickly but it was a 1:1 session with Andrew over the weekend that allowed us to trap what caused it but not only trap it, Andrew provided the cause of the security error that I was able to feedback to my back-end developer support in Australia.
The provision of that detailed description and code enabled The Turning Gate people to turnaround a fix in less than 8 hours.
They were astounded by the level of help I had received and also the fact that CloudTree had enabled them to rollout a much more robust product to overcome Mod_security issues.
I am an Agile practitioner and the service from CloudTree enabled a truly agile approach to resolving the problem through cooperative and collaborative working.

Tom Owens

First class service on a migration over a Bank Holiday weekend

I found myself in that awful situation of being in no-man’s land last Monday having been unceremoniously dumped by Timico after 17 years hosting. It is fair to say I was incandescent after I came off the phone to Timico but after a calming chat with the people at Cloud Tree I made the decision to go with them.
I had faultless support with migration, support the like of which I have never had before so thanks Andrew.
I have some things to sort out but that I think is more to do with by back-end software and https. I’m sure that when I raise a ticket for help it will be as good as I got over a bleak Easter weekend.
Thanks for your patience chaps.

Tom Owens

Fear and dread dissolves

It had been many years since I last changed my domain and email host, so I was in fear and dread of having to do it this time. The world had changed so even the few things I remembered from the past were of little value. POP3 the trusty old Post Office Protocol 3 was in its final days so now I had to embrace the unknown of IMAP – whatever that is!

I looked long and hard at all the many hosting companies, all offered great services at unbelievable prices. I wanted both but most of all I wanted superlative support from a knowledgeable team who would not swamp my brain with techno babble. It is a minefield out there! I decided to phone each provider which looked possible – it went from bad to worse. I was met either with said techno babble delivered beyond the speed of sound or spaced-out indifference.

Then I came on Cloud Tree. The website looked good and they offered the services I thought that I needed. More in hope than expectation I made the phone call. The phone was answered promptly by a man who could patiently explain everything in plain English. The decision was made, I signed up with Cloud Tree. They handled the migration for me, keeping me updated by email. In a few days the migration was complete. I was not aware of any interruption in my internet service. I could browse online without noticing anything had changed.

The problem came with my email. I could not get one of my accounts to work. A phone call to Cloud Tree and in minutes the problem was identified and resolved. Brilliant!
I’m sure that my experience is typical. Cloud Tree are excellent on every level and their support is superb. They dissolved my fear and dread.
Given my experience I can’t recommend them enough.

Graham Kennison

Migration to Cloud Tree from Timico

Having just completed the migration of my domains, email accounts and websites from Timico to Cloud Tree I would like to thank the migration team.
After 40 years in the IT industry I can say with complete confidence that Cloud Tree’s service and support is amongst the best I have ever received. I can recommend them without hesitation.

Rod Fletcher

Great customer focus

CloudTree were recommended to us when our previous ISP closed down its domain hosting services. I can honestly say that in over 27 years of using internet providers, CloudTree is the most professional company I have dealt with. They have a great customer focus. Highly recommended!

John Auckland

Amazing service!

I’m not one to usually put pen to paper and gush about Companies amazing service but in this instance I felt I just had to. Nothing was too much trouble when migrating from our previous Hosting company. Kudos guys! Keep up the great work, don’t know how you do it for the price!

Gavin Joule

Excellent support.

Having been evicted from Timico, the support I received from CloudTree was exceptional, bearing in mind I had a windows 7 computer.
The fact that I was also ‘encouraged’ to upgrade my computer and supported through this process was a bonus.
So, thank you CloudTree.

Kim Michael George Beazley

Excellent, Professional and Prompt Service On All Counts

Cloud Tree have excelled in their service from our very first telephone contact with them through to a very successful migration to their service offering.

We had multiple items needing migrating from Timico to CloudTree. Time and care was taken to understand our existing configurations and to recommend the best and most cost effective *single* product catering for all our needs and in doing so actually reducing our overall running costs. This consolidation of our requirements on to the single CloudTree product did required some customer education and technical assistance and this was first class.

We would have no hesitation in recommending CloudTree and their service offerings.

Nick Bailey

Great service and a friendly team always ready to help out with queries. Would highly recommend CloudTree as a quality supplier.

Lukas Oleksiak
Hercules Professional Services

To Andrew, Terry and the rest of the team at CloudTree
This is a note to say a big thank you for your patience and good humour
in helping me with the migration from Timico. I very much appreciated
how all queries I had were answered promptly and explained in a calm and
logical way.

Susan Scott-Wakeling

“Are you guys trying to impress me?………..because you are!”

Alasdair Fortune


“We love the customer service and know when we ask for advice we will get an honest answer. Its this built up trust that has kept us as a happy customer for over 10 years. It’s great to see the new brand of CloudTree and all the exciting new products that will enhance our business too”.

Dave Wood,