Need to purchase a new domain name, Cloud Tree can register it for you. Simply enter a word or the name of the domain you want to register and we will search the internet to see if it is available. If not we will suggest some other alternatives for you. Purchasing couldn’t be simpler, just select the name you like and click “purchase”, your payment is secured via paypal so we do not take your credit card details here.

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Want a FREE or .uk domain

Simply pay for 12 or 24 months on Sapling or Oakwood and get a free or .uk domain name registration for 1 year.

You can also transfer your existing domain to us, simply select “transfer” when ordering.

If you want to manage your own domain registrar, simply select the 3rd option and ordering and then update your name servers to point at us.

Use the domain name checker above to see if your domain name is free to purchase.


Domain Name Pricing

DomainPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.com£9.61 £9.6£9.6£7.51 £7.5£0£7.51 £7.5£0
.uk£8.11 £8.1£0
.net£12.01 £12.0£12.0
.org£10.91 £10.9£10.9
.biz£12.71 £12.7£12.7
.info£12.41 £12.4£12.4
.eu£6.11 £6.1£6.1
.co£24.01 £24.0£24.0
.tv£29.81 £29.8£29.8
.me£15.01 £15.0£15.0
.pro£171 £17£17£84.41 £84.4£84.4£15.51 £15.5£0£6.41 £6.4£0