Professional Email Signatures from Exclaimer

Get more out of your company email signatures with Exclaimer’s advanced product feature-set.

• Signatures are applied to emails sent from every device.
(no more user created signatures that don't match your brand)

• Assign different signatures to different users and departments.
(Multiple brands can be managed in one system)

• Create a separate signature for internal and external recipients.
(Keep internal phone numbers inside the business)

• Schedule email signatures with the time-and-date feature
(Promotional Banners controlled centrally)

Exclaimer provides the perfect solution for managing email signatures in Office 365, G Suite and Microsoft Exchange. Create and control multiple organizational signatures from a centralized location.

Ensure consistent, branded signatures for every user in your organization on every email. Whether users send from iPhone, Android, Mac or PC, Exclaimer guarantees a professional email  signature every time.


Exclaimer’s product suite offers features that help make designing and
managing email signatures a breeze.

  • Suppress unpopulated contact fields from the signature.
  • Test which signature will apply for a certain user.
  • Make signatures come alive by adding a photo to users’ signatures.
  • Easy-to-use signature editor, preview the signature while you edit.
  • HTML signatures added to plain text emails.
  • Choose from web-hosted or embedded images.
  • Create a shorter email signature for reply and forwarded emails.

Every user in your organisation is guaranteed a full, professional signature on every email, no matter what device or mail client they send from.

Do more with email signatures

1: Users’ details are auto-populated using data from your company’s directory.
2: Ensure brand consistency and exposure by including your company logo.
3: Use promotional banners to showcase marketing campaigns, events or special offers.
4: Gain new followers for free by promoting your social media channels.
5: Personalise your signatures with centrally managed user photos.
6: Aid compliance with international email law by including appropriate legal disclaimers.
7: Inform your contacts of recent company awards and certificates.
8: Get fast customer feedback with one-click feedback buttons.

Take control of your email signatures today.

CloudTree is an Exclaimer partner and therefore able to offer Exclaimer to all our customers who have Professional Microsoft 365 Emails.  You can simply add and use exclaim on your account today from your customer portal, or we can provided a managed service and create your email signatures for you.

Contact us today to take your email branding to the next level.

Exclaimer - Cloud O365 Signature (Up to 99 Users)

  • Exclaimer - Signatures for O365.
  • Priced per mailbox/month
  • Minimum of 5 Users
  • Central control of your businesses signatures.

Exclaimer is a leading email signature vendor, providing multi award-winning solutions for Office 365, G Suite and Exchange.

Over 75 million users worldwide, working with brands like Audi, Sony, Mattel, Fidelity, the BBC and many other organisations of all sizes and sectors.