Does your IT meet the needs of your business or are you suffering from a technology gap?

Every business is different and therefore every business is facing their own unique challenges with IT infrastructure. What should you do to protect yourself from data loss, for example? Do you need a data server, or should you switch to the cloud, what even is the cloud?

For many these questions seem like a complex and unsurmountable, but Cloud Tree with its experienced and passionate team is well equipped to advise on any of your concerns and requirements. We work with you to propose solutions that are fully aligned with your business goals.

We can provide a range of IT Consultancy services through our own experience and where appropriate engaging with 3rd party solution provides ensuring the best solution is provided to you, areas of consultancy include the following:

IT Security

With threats to businesses from cyber security only becoming more and more of a threat, having an expert cybersecurity consultant to ensure every aspect of your IT is covered is considered as important as having insurance.

Cloud Computing

Not sure what the cloud is, or how your business could benefit, give us a call today to find out more.  Click here to find out about Office 365

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Need to ensure your data is backed up, let us know and we will discuss some options with you.

Network Services

We consult on all aspects of office network design, configuration and installation.

General IT Consultancy

Having a problem with your new IT system, or you DSL isn’t working as it should? Get in touch and will do our best to find a solution for you.

We are not tied to a single supplier, so pride ourselves in being able to deliver the best solution for your unique needs. We are also focused on created a long term relationship with our clients as the better we get to know you and your business the easier it is to deliver IT that works for you.

If you are unhappy with the way your IT is working for your business today, why not get in touch and let us give you a free appraisal of your IT Health.