Fear and dread dissolves

It had been many years since I last changed my domain and email host, so I was in fear and dread of having to do it this time. The world had changed so even the few things I remembered from the past were of little value. POP3 the trusty old Post Office Protocol 3 was in its final days so now I had to embrace the unknown of IMAP – whatever that is!

I looked long and hard at all the many hosting companies, all offered great services at unbelievable prices. I wanted both but most of all I wanted superlative support from a knowledgeable team who would not swamp my brain with techno babble. It is a minefield out there! I decided to phone each provider which looked possible – it went from bad to worse. I was met either with said techno babble delivered beyond the speed of sound or spaced-out indifference.

Then I came on Cloud Tree. The website looked good and they offered the services I thought that I needed. More in hope than expectation I made the phone call. The phone was answered promptly by a man who could patiently explain everything in plain English. The decision was made, I signed up with Cloud Tree. They handled the migration for me, keeping me updated by email. In a few days the migration was complete. I was not aware of any interruption in my internet service. I could browse online without noticing anything had changed.

The problem came with my email. I could not get one of my accounts to work. A phone call to Cloud Tree and in minutes the problem was identified and resolved. Brilliant!
I’m sure that my experience is typical. Cloud Tree are excellent on every level and their support is superb. They dissolved my fear and dread.
Given my experience I can’t recommend them enough.

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