- Our Mission -

"To create long term business relationships built on mutual trust"

About Us

We are a London based company providing services across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Our client base spans individuals, SME’s  as well as large multi-national companies. Our strategy is to build long term relationships with all our clients, as we believe that being honest and getting to know our customers is much better than just getting the order at any cost. If our services are not the absolute best fit, we will let you know and advise you on the best options.

It is this approach that has earned us a great reputation and has lead to clients staying with us for over a decade.

CloudTree Limited was incorporated in 2017 by the merger of two established enterprises.  Andrew has been operating an online hosting and IT consultancy company called A2BTech for over 15 years. Terry has over 20 years working with clients, large and small, in the telecommunications sector.

As our customer base and service portfolio grew, it seemed the next logical step in the continued growth of both business operations to form a single unified company.  CloudTree was born as a brand...

This unity enables us to provide our services under the single brand of CloudTree. Sharing our mutual approach of being honest and building lasting relationships with our friends and customers. 

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